Teflon Pressing Sheets

I use pressing sheet for my applique patches ALL the time. It is easy to take it for granted that everyone understands what they are and how to use them. Well, we are all beginners at some point, so here is a basic explanation. You can buy Teflon pressing sheets from many places. I get mine from Amazon, 3 sheets for around 5 dollars.

I really like the white ones, as they are easy to see through.
Here is a picture of my placement outline under the Teflon sheet. Notice how you can easily see the guidelines. If you need to, click on the picture to view it a bit larger. 
Start by peeling the backing off of all your applique patches. Then make sure you have them sitting glue side down. You do not want to iron with them glue side up!
Now start ironing your patches down. building from the bottom up of your applique pattern. Here you see me making Bluegills from my Catch of the Day pattern. Still in testing as of the writing of this article but expect it soon. As you lay down a new patch make sure your Teflon sheet hasn’t scooted over. 
Soon you will have all of your patches iron in place and have a complete applique. Do not worry if your patches do not match the guidelines exactly. Some of us are a bit shaky while cutting. Let your applique cool off. It doesn’t take long. Then you just peel them right off of the Teflon sheet!
Now you have your applique all assembled and ready to iron down onto your base block. Wasn’t that easy?
I iron all of my appliques at once. Here is what my project box looks like. Soon it will be full of fishies waiting to be ironed onto their blocks. I do hope this has helped answer some of your questions. Try it, I can promise you it will make your applique assembly so much more enjoyable.