The Pfaff experience

 Since I began quilting, my main machine has been the wonderful Singer 401A that my Momma gave me when I was 18. I have owned many machines across the years, but have always gone back to the Singer 401 for my everyday sewing.
 In January I bought a fancy (to me) Singer Quantum 9960. LOVE it, but sadly I have already broken it! It has currently been shipped to Arizona for warranty repair. You read that right, shipped off, as in Singer has ZERO certified warranty service centers in the ENTIRE state of Colorado. I was dumbfounded, to say the least.
 So Jon and I got to talking. Since I enjoyed the computerized machine so much perhaps it was time for me to get a modern machine that also has a local service center.  Something a tad more reliable than the Singer.  I interviewed machines at the local Joann’s. Asked about service and wasn’t impressed with the answer.

Then I went to a local sewing machine repair and sale shop called Rocky Mountain Sewing and Vacuum. I spent nearly two hours inside being patiently helped and shown many machines. Finally, I narrowed it down to the Pfaff Performance 5.2. Rocky Mountain offered an amazing service package and I am quite a happy camper.
This machine is so much larger than anything I have used before. My sewing cabinet/desk that I have used for nearly three decades has now been sent back to Texas to Jamie Lee, with the 401 to follow at Christmas.

That meant I needed a new (to me) desk. I wanted something that had drawers on the left so that when I sat down I had enough desktop space for quilting. And no more than 4 foot long, I looked in thrift stores. I looked on Facebook Marketplace. I found the perfect desk at the ReStore. I jokingly sent Jon a message telling him I had found the most Pfabously Hideous desk possible for Pfat Albert (yes name my machines). I have a reputation for adoring ugly furniture. This solid wood desk meets all my requirements even though it was designed for a computer and has been lovingly painted a deep blue. The cost? Twenty dollars. The keyboard tray is actually an added bonus as it can hold blocks I am currently working on.

It all fit perfectly!
Sewing on the Pfaff is such a different experience for me. It is quiet, oh so quiet. How in the world did I live without a pivot feature? The knee lift is so convenient. I am very happy I took the plunge and got it.

Now for those who like me are very budget minded, let me share the gritty details.
Zero down, zero interest for 3 years, payments just at 100 a month. That includes the 4 years anything goes service agreement.