Fiesta! and Siesta! BoM

Hello there!
 It has now been almost 2 years since the transfer and I opened up a box labeled UFO projects. Much to my horror, I discovered that crickets had gotten into the box somewhere along the way, and had eaten holes into my unfinished Fiesta blocks!
 Then I figured if I was going to remake the quilt, why not let you sew along with me?! The pattern has gone through a revamp, so now offers a borderless (Siesta) version also. The patches have also been marked with color names. It is also not as hard of an applique pattern as it appears to be.
  As I am making this for myself, my top is not going to be made in the given color scheme. Instead, I am going with something that matches my current decor. This is where labeling the patches with their specific color comes in handy. You can easily change schemes yourself just by changing the colors written on the patches. I will show you a couple of options 🙂

 So how do you get the blocks???
Each month on the 1st I will upload the free block for that month. Just visit to order and download your block. If you are interested come join us at FatCat Friends on Facebook to chat and share pictures of your progress.
 So how can we make this project easier?
If you do not already have one, see through Teflon pressing sheets are a true time saver in Fusible Applique. The ones I use are from Ruspepa and can be found on Amazon here. Here is a picture of some of my pre-assembled patches using a pressing sheet. Once they cool off you just peel them off of the sheet. You can then easily move the patches around on your base block for correct placement! Fabric choice can make things go smoother too. Batik fabrics are very popular now. They do not fray as badly and you keep a nice crisp edge while cutting and sewing. I am using a batik for my background fabric and the green in my blocks. The pattern shows a layout diagram on each block page. So I have cut all of my blocks and then ironed them into quarters so the creases will act as guides for my patch placement. These are big blocks! Having the ironed creases for guides will let you place your pre-assembled patches with ease. If you are not pre-assembling your patches, you can still do this 🙂 just take your time. Here is my block # 1 placed and waiting to be ironed down.