Sewing Vanity

Ever since I brought home the Pfaff I have had a difficult time sitting and sewing. The machine is big and I am short. Let’s add to that I am also cheap and cannot justify one of the elaborate sewing tables. One evening I got a bright idea! I started looking at antique vanities on the FaceBook Market Place.
 I found this diamond in the rough about an hour away from us. Jon was Mr. Wonderful and dedicated a full Saturday to drive me to pick it up and drag it inside here. The mirror needed a lot of TLC. It had separated from the backing and was not secured into the frame. That saddened me, but Jon was 100% confident he could repair it and make it even better than original. We got her moved into the bedroom corner. Next was a good cleaning and a rub down with lemon oil. Some of that wood really needed a drink! The fun part was next. Moving all my sewing gadgets and gizmos into the drawers. Finally, placing the Pfaff into the center cubby.

A few weekends later Jon got to work on the mirror. That baby is HUGE!
Four foot across and so pretty. He removed the old nails. Added in some shims as bracing. Then some of that foam sheeting you pack dishes in. Finally, he drilled new holes and screwed the backing into place. He was right! It is now very stable and secure. It is so nice to have a handyman at my beck and call 🙂

With my old desk, I could not lower my chair in order to reach the sewing machine. The vanity allows my machine to sit almost Seven inches lower! 
This allows me to sew more comfortably and for longer periods of time.
In order to use my extended bed, Pfaff had to be raised up on a cut board and a book 🙂 Book will be replaced with another board soon. This allows everything to sit level. And I really need to sew up a pretty little machine skirt to hide the ugliness.

Here we are all set up and snugged into my sewing corner!

So for my Thrifting friends here is the breakdown.
Vintage highboy holding my fabric stash – 30 dollars
Vintage vanity – 120 dollars
Goofy little shelf holding…well…crap – 5 dollars.