Pattern Designing

Pattern Designing –
Take your Electric Quilt PDF and clean it up.
Hi there! I get asked quite often about my pattern design process. So I thought I would share it with you here. Keep in mind, my niche is Applique. This is my personal process.

In my last post, I shared how to take your sketch from paper, import it into Electric Quilt and save as a PDF. Now you have a PDF printed from Electric Quilt that includes the Electric Quilt information along the bottom of the page. A line drawing of the Block with an alphabetical patch count, and the patches. If you are doing this for your own personal enjoyment you needn’t alter anything. If you are wanting to share your pattern you will want to clean it up some.

I use PDFill PDF Editor 14 –
PDFill is an inexpensive PDF editor. It is easy to learn and use.
You can download their free trial and play along here.
Open PDFill.
Click on File > New Project to Open a New PDF > navigate to your saved PDF and click Open.
Once the file opens in PDFill, click on View > Zoom > Fit to Window.

Choose the select tool, drag around each element you wish to remove, and click Ctrl + D. A red X will appear indicating that element will be removed upon Save.

Click on File > Save the Edited PDF as > a window opens that will give you various options.
Click on Save PDF as > Navigate to your folder for this project and click on Save. You have successfully started your PDF clean up!

Once again Click on File > New Project to open a New PDF
The program will ask if you wish to save the PDFill file for later editing. I normally say NO at this point.
Click on NO, then navigate to the edited PDF and click Open.
Click on View > Zoom > Fit to Window.
You now see your cleaned-up PDF, ready for you to add patch labels and text!
This time when you close the PDF choose YES, you wish to save a file as a PDFill project. That will allow you to open the project and continue editing without having to use the PDF file.

Next time I will share adding text and images to your PDFill project.

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