Pattern Designing

Pattern Designing –
Adding text and images to your PDFill project.

I use Microsoft Word to write out my pattern instructions. Then I can copy/paste the text into my PDFill project.
I like to make my own pattern graphics from images created in Electric Quilt.  For this project I know I will want a colored version of the block to go along with the layout image created when Electric Quilt generated when you printed your PDF.

Open Electric Quilt and choose the block you have been working with.
You will want to color it with fabric if you have not already.
Click on PRINT & EXPORT > Export >Image
Navigate to the folder you are keeping this project in.
Name your image.
When you click on Save and option box opens. Choose your print size. Choose your resolution. Then click OK.
You now have an image that you can drop onto your PDFill project.

Open PDFill
Click on File > Open Project to Resume Editing > navigate to your saved PDFill file and choose Open.
Once the file opens in PDFill, click on View > Zoom > Fit to Window.
Now click  Insert > Image or PDF page > Image from File
Your courser will change to a crosshair. Drag open a box. Navigate to your image and click on it. Then Click Open.
The image is now inserted into your project. Right-click the image and choose Properties. This will let you choose the width and height you want the image to maintain. For instance, my graphic that says 1 inch for scale, absolutely needs to be 1-inch x 1-inch 😊 You can use the pointer tool to choose your image and move it around on the page.

To add Text.
Click on Insert > Single Line Text or Multiple Line Text
Your courser will then change to a bracket. Place it on the screen where you wish to begin typing. You can change the font and font size. You can start typing or you can paste from another program.  You can also run Spell Check, found under Tools. Play with this until you are happy then Save. To create a PDF you can share click on
File > Save the Edited PDF as > Save PDF as.
When the window opens Name your file and click on Save.
You are now ready to share your pattern with your friends!

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